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Camila Morrone Comments on 23-Year Age Gap with Boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio

Camila Morrone is speaking out on the 23-year age gap between her and boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio.

The 22-year-old actress is currently getting awards buzz for her performance in the new movie Mickey and the Bear and she’s making a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

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Camila recently put up an Instagram post that many thought was her response to criticism of her relationship with Leo. She says it wasn’t actually her intention for the post to be a clap back, but she did acknowledge that she’s bothered by judgment from the media.

“There’s so many relationships in Hollywood — and in the history of the world — where people have large age gaps,” Camila told the Los Angeles Times. “I just think anyone should be able to date who they want to date.”

“I probably would be curious about it too,” she added, admitting that she understands why people are interested in her relationship.

“I think more and more now that people are seeing the film, I’m slowly getting an identity outside of that,” she said. “Which is frustrating, because I feel like there should always be an identity besides who you’re dating. … I understand the association, but I’m confident that will continue to slip away and be less of a conversation.”

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Leonardo DiCaprio Attends Event With His Father George in West Hollywood

Leonardo DiCaprio is spending some time with his father.

The 45-year-old Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor was spotted exiting an event on Monday night (December 2) with his father, George DiCaprio, at the San Vincente Bungaloes in West Hollywood, Calif.

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Leo kept a low profile as he and his father exited the event to a waiting limo. He and his girlfriend, Camila Morrone, recently met up with friends at the same popular venue.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Releases Statement After Brazilian President Accuses Him of Funding Rainforest Fires

Leonardo DiCaprio is speaking out after the president of Brazil accused him of funding the Amazon rainforest wildfires.

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro made a meritless claim about Leo after people on social media accused the World Wildlife Federation of intentionally setting wildfires in the Amazon in order to procure donations. Reports claim that Leo gave $500,000 to the charity.

“WWF Brazil rejects the attacks on its partners and the lies involving its name, including a series of lie-based social media attacks such as the purchase of photographs linked to a donation from the actor Leonardo DiCaprio,” the WWF said in a statement.

Now, Leo is speaking out on the matter as well.

“At this time of crisis for the Amazon, I support the people of Brazil working to save their natural and cultural heritage. They are an amazing, moving and humbling example of the commitment and passion needed to save the environment,” Leo wrote in his statement. “The future of these irreplaceable ecosystems is at stake and I am proud to stand with the groups protecting them. While worthy of support, we did not fund the organizations targeted.”

“I remain committed to supporting the Brazilian indigenous communities, local governments, scientists, educators and general public who are working tirelessly to secure the Amazon for the future of all Brazilians,” he concluded.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Girlfriend Camila Morrone Join Friends for Dinner at Exclusive L.A. Hotspot

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps a low profile in a hoodie while chatting with Camila Morrone and friends outside of the San Vicente Bungalows on Tuesday (November 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The hot couple joined friends for dinner at the exclusive, members-only hotspot that evening.

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Lots of celebs were spotted there that evening, including Dakota Johnson, Melanie Griffith, Jon Hamm, Jared Leto, Margaret Qualley, Rainey Qualley, and more.

Camila, who has been generating awards buzz for her work in the movie Mickey and the Bear, recently explained why she responded to criticism of her relationship with Leo.

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Edward Norton Saved Leonardo DiCaprio's Life While Scuba Diving Together

Edward Norton is confirming that he did save Leonardo DiCaprio from drowning off the coast of the Galapagos Islands while scuba diving together.

“We were in the Galapagos Islands. We were scuba diving with Sylvia Earle, the great oceanographer,” Edward said while making an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show. “I’ve known Leo a long time and he loses his mind around animals. He really has a childlike passion for them.”

“This flight of 100 spotted eagle rays went by below us and I saw the look on his face,” he continued. “I saw him charging off with this camera that he had and I have been diving since I was 16 years old. I reflectively looked at my watch and was like: ‘We’re very close to the end.’”

“I saw him going off and down and I knew that wasn’t a good thing so I followed him because I thought to myself, he’s chasing these things, he’s going to run out of air – and he did,” Edward continued.

The pair were in the Galapagos together to film the 2016 documentary Before the Flood.

It’s not often we see Leonardo DiCaprio photographed with animals, but since Edward said he has a “childlike passion” for them, we dug up this must-see pic!

Pete Davidson Says He Used to Have a 'Huge Crush' on Leonardo DiCaprio

Pete Davidson is on the cover of Paper Magazine‘s Break The Internet 2019 issue, out now.

Here’s what the 26-year-old comedian had to say…

On leaving the Internet: “I got rid of the Internet because I can’t be on it. And anytime I would go on, I would just see horrible things written about me all the time…I would look though the search tab on Instagram and I’m a meme! I’m multiple MEMES. I’m punchlines or set-ups to jokes, so social media’s a little different for me. I had to get rid of it. Also, dude, it’s like, anytime you put something on the Internet, or type it out, it could be interpreted so many different ways. When you see the person saying it, there’s no mistaking it at all, so I’m just saving everything for standup, and for, you know, s–t like that.”

On his teenage crush: “Well, I used to jerk off to Leonardo DiCaprio… Uhh, like his acting. Yeah. I used to have a HUGE crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. I had this huge poster of him from The Beach in my room, and there used to be, like, ‘Leo love books’… Do you remember? Like, right when Titanic came out [when I was] in like third or fourth grade, he was just like, ‘teen milk.’ There were love books and I had all of them. He was the coolest. I’ve met him twice and I’ve just shaken hands and run away fast, like…”

On being a LGBT ally: “Well, nothing’s cooler to me than seeing my friends crush it. I also have the most talented friends ever. And I think my friends are a good reflection of me…anybody that I f–k with is sweet and morally sound, you know? I find it super weird that it’s weird that a straight dude has gay friends…like, some straight dudes do have gay friends, but like they make like a big show of it as opposed to them genuinely being a friend…I really feel like I have to be careful when I’m saying this, but I do feel like a lot of women in entertainment use gay men as props. If you really listen to any of the songs that they’re doing, or any of the things that they’re doing, it’s to promote them[selves]. It’s rarely for the LGBT community. It’s to make them look good. Like, how cool they are that they’re hanging out with gay people.”

For more from Pete, head to

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